Full Day Workshop (in Conjunction with Humanoids 2015 - South Korea - November 3, 2015)


Presentations (Keynote Speakers)

1- Prof. Yukie Nagai – Osaka University – Japan (Predictive Learning of Sensorimotor Information as a Key for Cognitive Development) – [PDF].

2- Prof. Jun Tani – Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – South Korea (Development of Functional Hierarchies for Visual Recognition and Action Generation: « Synergetic » Coordination of them in Humanoid Robots) – [PDF].

3- Prof. Lorenzo Natale – Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Italy (Visual Learning of Objects and Tools on the iCub Robot) – [PDF].

4- Prof. Sonya Kwak – Ewha Womans University – South Korea (The Effects of Robot Designs on the Consumers’ Acceptance of Robots) – [PDF-1], [PDF-2].


Contributed Papers

1- German Parisi et al., – Towards Emerging Multimodal Cognitive Representations from Neural Self-Organization – [PDF].

2- Sebastian Schneider et al., – Reusable Motivational Instruction Patterns for Socially Assistive Robots – [PDF].

3- Alexander Perzylo et al., – Ubiquitous Semantics: Representing and Exploiting Knowledge, Geometry, and Language for Cognitive Robot Systems – [PDF].

4- Elisa Tosello et al., – A Semantic Knowledge Base for Cognitive Robotics Manipulation – [PDF].

5- Hyemee Kang et al., – The Effect of Synchronized Movement of the Tele-presence Robot on User’s Perception – [PDF].

6- Asil Bozcuoğlu et al., – Reasoning on Communication Between Agents in a Human-Robot Rescue Team – [PDF].

7- Lixiao Huang et al., – Exploration of Human Reactions to a Humanoid Robot in Public STEM Education – [PDF].